Serbian Summer Debate Academy

Open Communication Serbia organised a Summer  Debate Academy from July 28 until August 3. A total of 48 university and high school students between 18 and 25 participated in three days of seminars, followed by two days of tournament with six rounds. Take a look at the pictures for an impression of the event. 

The seminar days followed a set order: morning lectures on debate topics, followed by a practice debate, then a thematic lecture and lastly elective workshops. Morning lectures covered topics such as debate strategy, deeper analysis and building arguments.The thematic lectures in the afternoon covered topics related to the Middle East and political Islam, with a special focus on countries like Egypt, Syria, Israel, Lebanon. Elective workshops were diverse and covered a variety of debate-related topics, such as how to use preparation time, points of information, identity topics or how to use buzz words. 

The motions for the tournament were:

  • This House would  stop using race as a criteria for affirmative action politics
  • This House, as an individual, would not buy products made by multinational corporations that are not in compliance with fair trade certification
  • This House would allow people to booby trap their homes
  • Provided that the technology exist, This House would allow parents to choose the genetic qualities of their children
  • This House would legalize incest between consenting adults
  • This House believes that there is no place for monarchy in modern society

The OK Summer Debate Academy was organised as part of the project idebateEU. This is a cooperation project of IDEA Amsterdam, IDEA London and ten IDEA members from all across Europe. The project aims to improve cooperation between IDEA and its members and between members, sharing debate methodologies and organisational knowledge in the framework of common activities on European topics. The project is made possible with support of the Europe for Citizens Programme of the European Commission.