Same sex couples right to adopt children opens "SDA Open 2013 - Sofia, Bulgaria"

With a debate on the topic “This house believes that same sex couples should be allowed to adopt children”, today at the Technical University in Sofia, Bulgaria, the national debate tournament "SDA Open 2013" was officially open.

The tournament is composed of 24 teams with 2 representatives each, which will compete for two first and second prizes and the award for best speaker through a preliminary phase, quarter final, semi final and final.

“You are the future of Bulgaria. The people who will make change and difference simply using the power of words, the power of argumentation and debate. Just being here today, on the national holiday, The Day of National Leaders, makes you winners on the path to change. We wish you great time and debate" – the host from SDA welcomed the student and high school debaters from all over Bulgaria at the opening ceremony.

 “SDA Open 2013”, American parliamentary debate format, is organized third year in a row by the Sofia Debate Association. The tournament is taking place from 1 to 3 November at the Technical University of Sofia.

SDA Open is financed by the “America for Bulgaria Foundation”, the “Technical University of Sofia” and supported by “IDEA SEE”.