Mind your Wallet Antwerp continues

Trainers from a number of youth organisations got together in the Roze Huis at the Draakplaats in Antwerp on the 4th of October for a new Mind your Wallet training. The participants were from day care centre De Tandem, home care centre Terra, and assisted independen residencew organisation Tangram. They learned the basics of debating and received information about financial responsibilities through exercises and theoretical introductions from IDEA NL trainers and Nikki Wauters-Kegels of the financial advice organisation Wijzer met Geld.

Tandem, Terra and Tangram are part of the Antwerp youth care organisation Touter, that supports youth and families. Each of the target groups of Touter regularly deals with financial challenges. The Mind your Wallet programme offers their employees a great methodology to open these sensitive topics up to discussion and give young people the tools and the opportunity to discuss them. The future Touter trainers went through several exercises and reflected on how to use them in their own trainings and daily dealings with young people. The positive aspects of the debate methodology, like critical self reflection, learning to formulate your own opinion, analysing problems and learning to speak up, will help them to get started with their own contacts. 

Thus, the Mind your Wallet programme continues. After the first competition weekend in June brought together youth from districts of Tilburg, Utrecht, Leiden and Amsterdam in Antwerp. Even more youth in the Netherlands and Belgium will be targeted this school year. Besides the current training in Antwerp, other trainings have already taken place in Utrecht and Amesfoort. To mark the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty, October 17,  IDEA NL will also organise a series of public debates to bring the topic of financial exclusion to the fore. 

Mind your Wallet! is made possible with funding from J.P. Morgan and Youth in Action, a youth fund o fthe European Commission.