Meet IDEA NL members: ARDOR (Romania)

IDEA celebrated its 15th anniversary in November. In those fifteen years, IDEA NL has cooperated with many different partners, donors and hosts to its events, but most importantly, with its members. IDEA NL would therefore like to take this opportunity to present its members, and thank them for their contributions. Now it's ARDOR's turn. 

ARDOR is an umbrella organisation for 7 regional debate associations in Romania. The mission of the organisation is to educate young people in the spirit of democracy and its values through debate education. They promote democratic values, communication, professionalism, team work, self-reliance and critical thinking. Together, there are more than 1700 beneficiaries on a permanent basis and another 1000 that are contacted on an ad hoc basis. Last year, there were over 70 public debates in schools organised by the individual clubs to attract new students, and over 20 debate tournaments, including the biggest debate tournament in Eastern Europe which involved 128 teams.

Among these, one of the most important events is the National Forum for high school students in which the winner is crowned National Champion. Moreover, for university students there is the Tournament of Champions where the best 8 teams in the country compete.

While these events are a great success, ARDOR believes that its biggest achievement was the introduction of debate in the National Curriculum in 2011. Continuing this success, ARDOR hopes to create an organisational model similar to the UK and reach 5% of the total population in Romania through their programs in the next 5 years. 

Want to know more about ARDOR, or about our other members? Check out the video below!