LSE win the Paris IV

The 2011 Paris IV took place this weekend. Congratulations to LSE (John Ashbourne and Png Zhiheng) for winning the main break and Berlin for winning the ESL title, Harish Natarajan for topping the speaker tab and Desisslava Kirova for topping the ESL speaker tab. The tab is attached. If anyone is curious, the motions were as follows:

1. THW Ban Public Sector Strikes in Times of High Government Debt (Music: "9 to 5"-Dolly Parton)
2. THB That France Should Open Its Borders to Any Migrant from One of Its Former Colonies ("Empire State of Mind"-Jay-Z)
3. TH Supports the Establishment of 'Harvey Milk Schools' in Europe (The Harvey Milk School is a school in New York for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Questioning Young People) ("Teenage Dream"-Cover by the cast of Glee)
4. THW Use Partition To Solve Civil Wars in Divided Societies ("Better Together"-Jack Johnson")
5. THB That It Is Immoral To Donate To Animal Charities Whilst Humans Are Dying of Poverty ("Feel Good Inc"-Gorillaz)
Semi: THB That Israel Should Abolish Conscription ("Everybody's Gone To War"-Nerina Pallot)
ESL Final: As the Editor of Jyllands-Posten in September 2005, THW Not Have Published the Mohammed Cartoons
Final: THB That A Woman Who Wears High Heels Is No More Free Than One Who Wears the Burqa ("Broken Heels"-Alexandra Burke)

Many thanks to Maja Cimerman for being a great DCA, Stephan Nunner for tabbing, and Louisa Zhang for convening an absolutely exceptional tournament. Hope to see lots of you in Paris this time next year-no IV has better cheese and wine!

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