IDEA UK: political cartoonists to take part in Art and Design for Advocacy

Martin Rowson cartoon

Political cartoons from the British national newspapers The Times and The Guardian will be taking part in the Art and Advocacy event taking place in London on 16th and 17th March.Martin Rowson is a “visual journalist” who will be joining us in Art and Advocacy to discuss how to raise social and political issues through art. Martin's cartoons have become a staple of modern British life and appear frequently in The Guardian and The Daily Mirror. He is also a contributor of cartoons to the Tribune, Index on Censorship and the Morning Star. Martin’s style is often deliberately offensive as he “sees himself as following in the tradition of the eighteenth-century satirists and cartoonists, such as Gillray.”Some of his recent cartoons can be seen at the GuardianWe are also lucky to be joined to discuss the use of cartoons in advocacy by Gary Barker whose political cartoons appear in The Times, Guardian and on the BBC amongst others. His work has been judged in several lists and publications as the best political cartoons of 2013, 2014 and 2015. Gary cites science fiction-orientated comic 2000AD among his original influences.See some of Gary’s cartoons at his websiteIf you are interested in taking part in this workshop then sign up at eventbrite So what is the Art and Design for Advocacy project?The Arts are vital to our long-term economy and society, it is also an invaluable tool for educators to engage marginalised and disillusioned groups to cultural learning.Art and Design for Advocacy takes the Arts, specifically comics and cartoons as a starting point to engage groups who are not engaging in civil society and empowers them to design and draw their own cartoons, comics, social media meme's and info-graphics, to learn to question and think critically of the world around them.This two day workshop encourages young people to form their own opinions and reactions and the power to discuss, debate and manipulate their own voices, bringing their views and ideas into the public realm, a key step to participation in civil society.