IDEA SEE Comics: I-Man Episode #2

I-Man - Superhero fighting for media integrity in Macedonia

I-Man or Integrityman is a comic hero fighting on different burning issues that media, journalist and the general public in Macedonia are facing with.

In this episode I-man is tackaling the problem of confused public (readers, listeners, viewers), meaning that the majority of the public receives either one sided reports or need to watch/read/listen few different media in order to learn what is happening, at the end of the day most of them don’t know what to think. Therefore, the media role for creating a proper public opinion is failing.

I-man Episode 02 (Macedonian version)


I-man Episode 01 (Albanian Version)

The comics is bilingual – Macedonian and Albanian language. Both editions are published in print media. The Macedonian version is published in the Magazine for Political Satire – Koza Nostra and the albanian version is printed in the daily newspaper Lajm.

Igor Jovchevski is the leading comic artist in the 3 months lasting project, drawing in pencil, Jovana Velinova is comic artist doing ink, the well known editor and journalist Sasho Kokalanov is in the role of screen writer and the translation to Albanian language is done by Veton Kodra. 

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