Eurovision on connecting youth to society

‘This Eurovision won’t have one winner. We’ll find new collaborations to make youth win!’

During this Eurovision Song Contest weekend, IDEA NL welcomes over 100 young to young-at-heart professionals from all over the world to the exchange ‘Connecting Youth to Society’ and to celebrate IDEA’s 15th anniversary from 9th till 12th of May. This international meeting focused on debate will suitably take place at debate centre De Rode Hoed in Amsterdam.

The Exchange ‘Connecting Youth to Society’ is a linking-and-learning event. The participants are young debaters, youth workers, police, local governments and youth from over twelve European countries including Slovakia, Hungary, the UK, the Netherlands, Spain, France, Greece, Portugal and Romania, as well as countries like Tunisia and United States.

Yvonne Heselmans, Executive Director of IDEA NL, states: ‘This Eurovision won’t have one winner. We hope to find new collaborations to make you(th) win!’ The Exchange has two tracks. One is focused on a European Exchange on Debate in the Neighbourhood (DIN), the other is a taster training to launch the toolkit My City Real World. The participants will share best practices, establish long-term connections and deepen their understanding of how to engage the views and experiences of youth from across the continent during the Exchange.

The Exchange is made possible with funds from Youth in Action, a youth fund of the European Commission and the Open Society Foundation. Please contact for more information Samantha Siewertsen.