Crazy for Democracy - Debate Training

Crazy for Democracy - Debate Training

On 5 and 6 December IDEA delivered a debate training for the ‘Crazy for Democracy’ project in Bari, Italy organized by EUROSUD in cooperation with Agenzia Nazionale Per I Giovani. 30 young people from different countries across Europe came together to learn more about democracy. The organizers consider debate to be an essential part of democracy so they invited IDEA to train their participants.

On the 5th of December the participants learned how to make motions and arguments and discussed the role of debate within (their) democracies. They also discussed ways in which they can exert democratic influence in their own societies. After these exercises a practice debate took place to familiarize them with the proceedings of a formal debate and to prepare them for the next day…

On Saturday the 6th of December we left early in the morning to Corato where we would have several debates in the chamber of the town hall. Here the participants were divided into teams. Each team would once speak in proposition, once in opposition and they would also judge one debate because judging can teach you just as much about debating and the strength of arguments as debating itself.

The motions for the debates were based on the interests of the participants and read: “University education should be free for everyone”, “2) Countries should accept all migrants without conditions”, “3) The state should pay parents who take care of the household a monthly salary”.





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