Change of coach at LaVerne

It is with great regret that I have to announce that Josh Martin will no longer be serving as the University of La Verne Debate Coach. Since my retirement from debating tournaments, Josh stepped up to lead our debate program with tremendous personal sacrifice. With I would like to thank him for his expertise and loyalty, which I, the team, and our community have deeply benefited from. We look forward to Josh's future contributions to the international debating community and fully support him in his future endeavors.

Josh will still be directing our previously announced Summer Training Program and will always be considered as one of our own.

Josh's old debating partner Rob Ruiz (with whom he won the 2007 USU National Championship) volunteered to serve as our Director of Forensics and John Patrick (with whom Josh won the 2006 USU National Open) will serve as Debate Coach. Both Rob and John, currently adjunct instructors with our department, have graciously offered their time and service to lead our debating program. All future communication with the University of La Verne Debate Team should be directed to:  and/or

Thank you so much for your kind attention and best wishes to all.

Professor Ian T. Lising
Speech Communication Department
University of La Verne
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